College Makeup Routine

We all know how it goes, the first few weeks of school everyone is motivated, wakes up on time for classes, and puts in effort. But once those few fresh weeks wear off, we get lazy. And by that I mean, only waking up a max of 20 minutes before our 8 am class, if even that. This is the routine I fell into because lets face it, we get tired, especially in college. I am one who looooves my sleep so choosing 8 am science classes may not have been the best idea, and yes I have skipped a few, like most people probably have. But throughout this semester and last I would like to believe that I have mastered the 5-10 minute “full face” of makeup. Now, to some this would be considered a full face, but to me its only half way there.

I always start with a moisturizer, my favorite at the moment is the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel. I prefer the gel because it feels lighter on the face, and is more refreshing in my opinion. After the moisturizer, I move onto primer. I am one of those people who’s makeup does NOT like to stay on at all so primer is a very very important step for me. I currently use the Tarte Poreless magnifying primer, and I really do see a difference in both the smoothness of my makeup, and the lasting power when I use this. Next, I use my tried and true Maybelline Fit Me matte and poreless (as you can see I love my mattifyng products). I apply with a damp beauty blender because I find it to be the quickest and easiest method (and I love the way my foundation turns out). I follow this with my Tarte shape tape concealer under my eyes (typical college girl not getting enough sleep) and set it, along with the rest of my face, with the Maybelline Fit me loose finishing powder using my damp beauty blender. I find this concealer/ powder duo is GREAT because it does not crease, stays all day, and best of all, has no flashback.

After those steps I’m done with my face products and move onto my brows. I use the MAC fluid line brow creme (great but VERY pigmented and thick) in deep dark brunette to shape and fill in my brows. I follow that with applying my Lancome Monsieur BIG mascara, which has quickly became my favorite mascara of all time. Last but not least (once the mascara has dried) I mist my face the MAC fix plus coconut setting spray.

As you can tell, I like to do a “full face” everyday minus the contour, bronzer, eyeshadow, blush, and highlighter. And although it seems like a lot, it really does only take me about 5- 10 minutes, and has saved me from being late to my morning classes when I only give myself 15 minutes to get ready.

What is your “go to” makeup when you decide to sleep in a little later than you should? Let me know!

*Side note: I know I haven’t been on here since 2018, so I’m sure there are different people viewing my content, so thank you for reading!*


March favorites 🎉

Hey guys! This months favorites were a mix of new, and old products of mine. Some are even new spring realeases. But let me tell you, the new ones, are slowly replacing my old favorites! 

  My og favorites insisted of my naked 2 palette and my Milani baked blush in luminoso. I literally use both of these products everyday, and they never disappoint. However. I’ve been loving the products I’ve started using this month. I have 6 new favorites to show you, and maybe this will even make you want to try them out. 

As you can see, I have a lot of maybeline products here. They’ve been killing it lately! They keep coming out with great stuff! 

  1. Maybeline fit me matte & pore less. This is my holy grail, favorite, everyday product. And yes. I wear it EVERYDAY. 
  2. Maybeline master conceal concealer. Let me tell you this. I have bad dark circles, and this covers them completely. So it’s no question as to why it’s a favorite. 
  3. Maybeline master prime primer. I have the one that’s supposed to blur pores. It does a decent job on that part, but it does feel great on the skin, and keeps makeup lasting longer. 
  4. Nyx dark circle concealer. This is an peach toned concealer, and it defiantly does its job at covering circles. 
  5. Urban decay perversion mascara. This does not clump, and leaves lashes nice and full. However. It’s a wet formula, so it was hard to work with at first. 
  6. Naked 2 palette. Nice everyday colors, that I defiantly use EVERYDAY. 
  7. Milani baked blush. I have mine in luminoso. Great everyday color, and great lasting power. 

Finally. The star of the show. 

  Maybeline lipstick in blushing bud. It’s pretty bright yet natural looking pink. The formula is amazing, and I use this most of the time. I havnt found myself using another since I got it. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Comment and tell me any requests for products that yall may have! Have a great day! XO

Bh Cosmetics palette first impression. 

Last week I ordered two palettes from Bh Cosmetics. One being the makeupbymandy24 eyeshadow palette, and the other the professional blush 10 color blush palette. It arrived in less than a week, and I LOVE the prices. 

  They both have sleek black packaging with white writing, with the exception of the adorable pink heart.  

  The eyeshadow palette is just a simple everyday palette, and it comes with a liquid eyeliner. Win! However the shadows have barely any pigmentation if used without a primer.  Here I used my urban decay eye primer. As long as you use a primer, the shadows turn out great! They also last a long time, considering it’s only $9.95! 

  The blush palette is beautiful in my opinion. They have a range of bright, light, and dark blushes. I think this palette is great because there’s a range of colors so you can find one that fits your skin tone perfectly. The blushes are pretty pigmented, and last a fair amount of time. Also. It’s only $9.95 on their website. 

Overall I loved the products. The only problem I ran into is the shadows get kind of hard to blend. But that’s the only thing I’ve run into so far. But I’m defiantly glad I made this purchase, and see myself ordering from them again in the future! 

Tell me of any requests yall have. Thank you for reading and have a great day! 

Find the products here 

Professional blush palette

Makeupbymandy palette

Nyx highlight and contour palette review. 

   This palette was released as part of the new NYX spring line. I got mine at ulta for a little over 25 dollars. The palette has 5 highlight shades, and 5 contour shades.

 The highlight shades

  1. A slightly off white shimmery/pearlescent shade. Picks up the light for a great cheekbone highlight. 
  2. Matte vanilla shade. Looks nice when used to highlight forehead and chin without looking like you have a greasy face. 
  3. Matte banana shade. Used under the eyes to set concealer, and to help brighten dark circles. 
  4. More of a tan shimmery/pearlescent shade. Looks good on many skin tones, and picks up light great. 

The contour shades

  1. Matte chocolate brown. Better on light to medium skin tones. 
  2. Shimmery/pearlescent warmer brown tone. Better if used as a bronzer for a more natural look. 
  3. Matte warmer brown. Great on warmer skintones.
  4. Matte dark brown. Better on darker skintones, or for a more dramatic contour. 

    All in all the palette is very good. The colors have good pigmentation, blend easily, and have a good wearing time. However the only problem I’ve had is with the banana shade. It tends to crease under the eyes in about an hour, and depending on how much you use, gets really cakey. 

     With that being said, this palette is worth buying and saves you money compared to other high end palettes similar to this. 

     Let me know of any requests for things you guys would like to see! Have a great day, and thanks for reading! ❤️  

Link to palette 

NYX highlight and contour palette